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The 411 on Bridal Spray Tans

Answering the most common bridal spray tan questions - with Wendy Charles

Wendy is the owner of Southern Luxe Sprays and is a complete and total ROCKSTAR! With over 8 years of experience she has mastered her craft and is one of the most well known spray tan artists in the Lafayette area. She prides herself on providing each client with a LUXE tan experience and offers both studio and mobile tans. Bridal bundles and wedding party group discounts are available - so get your girls together and get bronzed up before the big day!

With experience in bronzing all skin tones and complexions - Wendy is here to answer the most common questions and concerns about bridal spray tans!


How will my color be picked? I'm scared I'll look orange.

Before your custom color is chosen we will go through a skin consultation to get an understanding of your tan goals, skin type, undertones, etc. Each color formulation is custom mixed to ensure a no orange guarantee.

How many days out from my wedding should I schedule a spray tan?

Two days before your wedding is your BEST option!

How do I prep my skin for a spray tan?

Your top nonnegotiable is exfoliating! All prep information is emailed to you upon booking to ensure you are fully informed on how to prepare your skin.

When should I shower?

All prepping including showering should be done 24 hours before your spray tan appointment.

When should I shave/wax?

You should shave/wax at least 24 hours before your spray tan appointment IF you would like to. This may come as a surprise, but hair removal is completely optional!

What should I wear after my spray tan appointment?

Dark loose cotton or silk is a PERFECT option to wear to & from your appointment. Think LOOSE, BREATHABLE, SOFT. Your tan needs oxygen to process evenly.

Do I have to be completely naked while getting a spray tan?

You may wear as much OR as little clothes as you would like. I supply disposable panties and nipple pasties to use for your convenience.

Other helpful tips -

My biggest tip to brides is to book a TRIAL TAN! Booking the Bridal Bundle package allows you to go through the process/know what to expect, get your prepping/aftercare routine down, and to find your PERFECT tan depth.

Questions answered by: Wendy Charles

Owner of Southern Luxe Sprays

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