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Wedding Guest Portraits - A Unique Favor

Every engaged couple is looking for unique wedding favors and ways to make their special day stand out from all the's an answer to solve both!

Asia Ardoin Creations & Designs was started 5 years ago - offering a variety of hand painted items and live wedding paintings. Recently the owner, Asia, had a request from a friend to do something different and unique at her wedding - caricatures as guest favors. Asia started practicing this new form of art and found a style and workflow that she liked. She decided to post a few example portraits and this new side of her business quickly started gaining traction in the Acadiana area.

Asia says one of her favorite parts of painting at weddings is getting to meet and chat with all of the guests. She enjoys learning about where they are from and their interests while she paints them. She always receives a great reaction from folks when their portraits are revealed. You can expect lots of smiles and laughs and they always seem to say they can't wait to display them in their homes - what a special memento for so many of your guests to remember your wedding with!

The style of these guest portraits can be described as simple and cute - like a children's storybook! Each watercolor takes approximately 3 minutes to complete for singles and 5-6 minutes for couples. If you want to get through more of your guests, she also offers sharpie favors which only take 1 minute per face! Asia is paid in full by the couple who is booking her - meaning her cost is free to your guests attending your reception (unless they choose to leave a tip, of course)!

Feedback that Asia often hears include "You were the highlight of our wedding!" and "This is such a unique favor that I've never seen done before!"

Asia is taking bookings 1 - 2 years out and is best reached through her Facebook Business Page!

If you're looking for a favor that doubles as entertainment for all ages at your reception - Asia Ardoin Creations & Designs is your answer!

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