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3 Tips for Amazing Getting Ready Photos

So many brides say that getting ready with their girls is one of the most fun parts of their wedding days. So many of your favorite people are there to celebrate you..... plus mimosas, good music and a few Tik Toks never hurt anyone either!

Chances are your photographer will be there to document this part of the day, so here are some tips to make sure the photos captured are timeless and iconic. You'll look back on this quality time with your girls for years to come!


Pick a getting ready location that is well lit and aesthetically pleasing - lots of windows usually work out great! During the day, try to keep the clutter to a minimum - or confined to one room. Doing a quick trash pick up before your photographer arrives will go a long way so that the background of the photos come out clean.


Your photographer will probably remind you of this, but be sure to bring your details to be photographed. Not only will you want to capture your dress, shoes and jewelry, but you may also want to include any family heirlooms or keepsakes, your partner's ring, a copy of your wedding invitation and your perfume.


Make sure that anyone who is helping you to get ready is dressed before you are - including hair, makeup and dress.

Are you ready to start planning your wedding?!

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