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Corporate Events

No matter if your company events are large or small...internal or external, I recognize the importance of them being executed seamlessly. I have experience with large corporate events of over 1,000 attendees as well as small corporate events for under 50. Let me help you bring to life your employee appreciation events, anniversary celebrations, product launches, & even fundraisers. 

Lafayette Wedding Planner

Holiday Events

Here to take your holiday celebrations to the next level! If you have a vision to create the perfect holiday dinner tablescape or want to make the holidays more magical for your littles, we're here to help. I believe holidays are where so many lifelong memories are created and I want to help you fill your holiday events with all the magic and fun that your guests are sure to remember. 


Bridal Showers, Couples Showers, or Baby Showers....I love them all! I'll help you make sure the day is planned perfectly so your guest of honor feels celebrated and loved. From food to décor, all details will be carefully thought out and planned, so all you have to do is show up and enjoy the day! 

Lafayette Wedding Planner
Lafayette Wedding Planner


There's so many reasons to celebrate - birthdays, retirement, graduations, anniversaries -  don't let life's moments pass you by without the party they deserve! I love a good party theme and want to help you bring all your creative ideas to life. I'll work out all the details so your party day is filled with joy, laughter, and memories - but with none of the stress or worry! 

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